Everything You Need to Know about Mood Boards

You’ve finished your brand identity. Whoo! Now what?

Now you get to do the fun part — create a mood board! Sweet! Except… what’s a mood board? A mood board, also known as an inspiration board, is a collage comprised of photos that depict how you want your brand to look and feel.* Why should you make one? Because it’s a visual source of inspiration that, when combined with a brand identity, helps to build a consistent brand.

Here’s an example of a mood board.
Mood Board Example.png

*Mood boards don’t have to be for branding. You can use them for any kind of project.
The board above is one I threw together in 10 minutes for this post.
I made it about my wedding  🙂

Most people use photoshop to create their board but you can go old school and use a real bulletin board. You could also use a poster board, Canva, Microsoft Publisher, or your fridge.

Creating Your Own

Start out by finding inspiration for your brand. Collect pictures, textures, patterns, colors, typography, etc. that you would like to incorporate into your brand or that you feel represents the brand well. You can find these inspiration clips anywhere. You can try using magazines, advertisements, products you own, looking at other brands in your field or that you love, or just google image searching. The easiest and most obvious way, though, is to use Pinterest. I suggest making separate boards in these categories: logo and elements, font/typography, patterns/textures, color palette, and site design. On each board, aim to have at least five pins but the more, the merrier. This makes it easy to see which styles you’re the most interested in and narrow down your inspirations to specific styles. Once you’ve found the ones that speak to you, go ahead and put them in a mood board! Or make a few mood boards and ask family and friends (or better yet, people in your target market) which they prefer. Decide which one best represents the image of your brand and you’re all set!

How To – Using Canva

This is your free template! I didn’t make it but it’s still free and a template. haha. Canva is how I prefer to create mood boards because it’s really easy. Like, drag and drop easy.

  1. Go in to canva and choose the size you want your board to be (I chose the Instagram size.) A new tab will open up with a blank page.
  2. In the menu on the left side, click elements, then grids.
  3. Click on the layout you like. It should automatically set itself on the blank page.
  4. Go back to the menu on the left. Click Uploads. Upload the images you would like to have on your mood board.
  5. Drag and drop your images from the menu on to the grid. The images will snap to the sections of the grid.
  6. When you’re done, click download in the top right corner. Choose the file type you prefer and voila.

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