How to Find Your Identity as a Brand

A brand identity worksheet should be the first step when creating or redefining a brand. It’s like a (very, very) condensed business plan… but for your brand identity. While it’s a small and easy step, it is imperative to cohesive branding. You can get a free brand identity worksheet from The Library or write out your own, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

What needs to be covered:
Mission Statement

If you’re working on branding, chances are you have already completed a business plan and have a mission statement. If not, you’re in luck because I have some tips to help you figure it out. Your mission statement is the foundation of your business. It encompasses the entire business’s identity in one sentence. Things to consider when finding your mission statement:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Who do you help and how?
  • Look toward the future. Where do you see your business in 2 years?
Define Your Ideal Audience and Target Market

Consider your ideal audience and target market. Who do you see? Personify your business in such a way that your ideal audience and target market will connect with your brand. When finding your ideal audience and target market, start broad and narrow it down. Considerations when finding your ideal audience and target market:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Marital status/family life
  • Level of education
  • Specific interests and hobbies
Brand Feeling

How do you want your ideal audience and target market to describe your brand (3- 5 words.) Once you have your adjectives, make a few lists about ways to convey them. Keep your ideal audience and target market in mind.

  • Colors
  • Symbols/Objects
  • Activities
Tone and Voice

Now that you’ve decided on an image, you’ll need to decide how you will relay it to your consumers. What kind of tone does your image carry? Professional and formal? Young and chatty? Sarcastic and blunt? Find yours and try to stay cohesive. Most people have trouble with this at first. It’s a hard decision to make. One way to find your business’s tone is to write a few sample paragraphs on different subjects as if you were talking to your ideal audience. Go back and read. Look for similarities, differences, the parts of style you think fit well or don’t fit at all.

Don’t be intimidated by all of this. Seriously, just dive right in and write everything down. It doesn’t have to be right the first time. This is a brainstorm of loose ideas. A branding identity worksheet is just a way to keep all of these ideas together. If you find that your pages are messy and have lots of ideas, that’s great! The more ideas you have, the better your final identity will be. Just be sure to keep cutting out the things that don’t fit. I would recommend making a “finalized” copy to keep around as a reference during the branding process, as well as throughout the future of your business.

Ready to get started? Click here to download the free brand identity worksheet!


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