Tutorial: How to Make a Clothesline Photo Frame



  • Frame
  • Twine or string
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • Clips or small clothespins
  • Photos



  1. Measure the dimensions on the back of your frame. 12584047_10153831395571718_1790222266_n
  2. Determine how long your twine will need to be (give yourself an extra two inches for gluing!) and how many lines you want to have running across the frame. Make sure you leave enough room for your photos to hang between each line. Mark the frame and cut the twine.
  3. Hot glue the twine to the frame. I found that if I did one end of the twine, let it dry, and then the other end, I was able to get a more taut line. Keep in mind that however loose or taut you make your lines, the pictures will add weight and pull them down further. 12626013_10153831395611718_1563829661_n
  4. Hang the frame or position it where you’d like it to go.12583893_10153831479211718_767552218_n
  5. Clip your photos in and voila! How easy was that?!12647902_10153831472556718_145517153_n


Frame: I happened to already have a large frame that had no glass or backing. I got it from a friend when she broke the glass and was going to toss it. It’s been laying around for a year and a half and needed a home. If you don’t already have a frame, you could improvise. Go buy a frame from Walmart. Easy but has the potential to be costly. Get some wood or moulding from Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’m pretty sure you can have it cut to the length of your choosing fo’ free. Paint it with chalk paint (or a paint of your choice.) Glue it together. Presto, $3 frame and you could probably make it pretty large. Try a small desk version by buying a standing frame from Dollar Tree and using miniature photos. Maybe tiny letters that spell something out. Let me know what you come up with!

Clips: I’m currently too poor to go buy those really cute miniature clothesline hangers or any clips for that matter. I took paper clips, bent them, and hot glued them to the backs of my pictures.12647998_10153831395616718_764089672_n

Photos: You can get photos printed from Walmart for pretty cheap but, again, I don’t have any expendable money right now. I took card stock that I already had and printed my images on that at home. I like the matte finish so this worked out well for me. I used images from my free motivational quote printable post and photos from Instagram. Check out how I sized and printed them here.12647724_10153831523896718_369240356_n.jpg

How did yours turn out? Did you make any alterations? Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Make a Clothesline Photo Frame

  1. The Queen of Everything

    So cute! Some other budget friendly ideas: When you need a frame (but don’t have clumsy friends 😉 ) you can look at thrift or goodwill stores. Often they sell UGLY paintings with beautiful frames for a dollar or two.

    The Dollar Tree frequently has mini clothesline in their party favor section with baby shower decor (likely limited to pink or blue though) and Target has twine with mini wooden clothespins already on it in the One Spot right now (but probably not $1…#TargetFail)

    And if you use tiny cuphooks to attach the twine to the frame (it has to be deep enough obvi) instead of hot glue, you can periodically give it a twist to tighten the twine as the photos/cards cause it to sag.

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