Welcome to My Studio — This Is Your New Home.

Hi there!

Conquer Your MountainMy name is Abigail and I own Amaureen Studios. My goal is to create beauty in the world while problem-solving and inspiring those whose paths I cross. I’m calling this the studio because this is where I’ll be sharing my creativity and insights throughout my journey in design, small business, and the field of marketing. I’m going to build a community with you guys where we can brainstorm, learn, inspire, and connect together. Go ahead and take your shoes off because this isn’t going to be formal. Imagine this blog as that house you spent all of your time at in college. You know what I’m talking about; it pretty much had a revolving door. It was THE hangout spot for all of your friends and everyone was always welcome. People were always there and something was always going on. Friends, adventures, inspiration, downtime, experiences, advice, excitement, support, successes, failures, and loads of cheap beer. We’re adults now, so we’re moving on to craft beer and red wine but the rest still holds true. I want you to help me make this blog our home away from home.

Okay, now that I’ve gone full sentimental-nostalgia on you, are you still in?

No?! You don’t want to follow some crazy woman’s blog?? UGH. FINE. (Kidding, obviously. I was never much of a blog follower before this either. I totally understand.)
Not sure yet? That’s cool, I hear you. You just met me, why should you commit to an awesome circle of friendship when you don’t even know me.
Yes?! SWEET. LET’S MAKE THIS OFFICIAL! Sign up for my newsletter. You’ll receive the password for The Library when you do, which is loaded with free resources.


We can order some Chinese food, turn on one of those awesome Spotify playlists, and start having fun! I mean, working. Seriously, though… shouldn’t your work be fun? I think so.



I help small businesses and soloprenuers develop their brand and content while empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively market their services and products in this big world.


I firmly believe that education and information are civil rights so I blog about my knowledge and experiences in regards to design, small business, and the field of marketing. The intent of this blog is to serve as a communication medium for people who have similar goals, people who admire beautiful things, and people who want to follow along with my personal journey. I hope to create a community of support and advice, not only for myself but for my followers, as well!


Good question. The only blog experience I have is from using MySpace and Tumblr in high school, almost ten years ago. So why am I doing this?? Blogging is such a time investment and not a simple feat!

I’ve been prompted by a project for a Social Media Marketing class that I’m taking this semester. I’m a senior at Radford University pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Marketing. This project is known as The Passion Project.

The Passion Project is designed to give every student hands‐on experience in using a source of rich content and three or more social media platforms to create a social media campaign for a passion.

What kind of passion? A “passion” can be anything that you care about enough to wage a social media campaign on its behalf. A passion can be a political or social cause, a hobby, a nascent business idea, a band or music that matters to you, art, or any niche interest.


Last year I decided to start selling craft items on Etsy. I didn’t do this to make money but to make the hobby more fulfilling. Shortly after I began, I decided to change my major to Marketing because I realized how much I enjoyed that aspect of selling. When I started this blog, it was about the business side of the Etsy shop but it quickly evolved into what it is today. I just couldn’t stay away from marketing. With my background in education and marketing, I have created an entire business dedicated to helping others find their own way in the big, crazy world of marketing and social media.


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